Power Leveling 1 to 61 Free Service for 7/9/2013 through 7/12/2013

#81BaconStrips52Posted 7/9/2013 2:07:04 PM
I don't have time to play video games. Because I'm busy doing the horse dance. -PSY
GT: BaconStrips52
#82LyxasPosted 7/9/2013 2:23:23 PM
Hey, I sent you a message. GT Chicago D
#83martel13Posted 7/9/2013 2:31:12 PM
We could perhaps eat the pancakes with two forks. Thus increasing efficiency because of our "pancake rotation". You know, to conserve pancake. -ZEERO
#84xBeyondtheGravePosted 7/9/2013 2:44:54 PM
Sent you a message. "Thee Shawn" is my tag.
#85LDSynPosted 7/9/2013 2:54:24 PM
Couldn't get in yesterday.

GT: SavageSyn
#86daytona360Posted 7/9/2013 3:13:05 PM
GT: Daytona 360
#87CabinutzPosted 7/9/2013 3:31:05 PM
wouldnt mind getting in on this. i found out the glitch caused by the dlc 4 heads and i fixed up my krieg. sending you a message.
PSN - Cabinutz
Gamertag - Cabinutz
#88neo_strike3Posted 7/9/2013 3:49:50 PM
Gt blitz avenger
#89scrilla_oPosted 7/9/2013 3:50:38 PM
Sent you a message.

GT: scrilla o
F*** You 2-
#90kickboxkevinPosted 7/9/2013 5:00:32 PM
Sent message; would love to level a couple toons.
My GT is kickboxkevin

Once again, he is absolutely legit and the loot is amazing. Thank him for his kindness and be patient!