Epic trade/give away thread.

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3 years ago#21
Hey I'd love to get my hands on the magic missles and tiny tina siren skin and head. :)
-Gamer tag: Jtkiller03
3 years ago#22
I'd like an alkaline bee, butcher, and hellfire if you're still doing this. Have several skins and a sawbar I think you are missing. Sent xbl invite. GT is the same
3 years ago#23
I'm looking for the fire shredifer and bota and homing fire bee
I won't be on till Saturday so if your on then send me message
Gt soulesslaplace psn soulesslaplace
3 years ago#24
If you're still doing this, I'd like to get your legendary class mods, bee shields, puissant nor fleets, slag rubi, slippery ogre, the butcher, swordsplosion, and chain lightning and magic missiles

Afraid to say I don't have much to offer in return, but my GT is AdvisoryOak
GT: AdvisoryOak
3 years ago#25
Check the new post. This one is no longer valid and I will be ignoring completely now.
Gt: Nobutada Moomoo
3 years ago#26
I could really use your LV 50 stuff for my other characters but I won't be on till the 15th. Gt kushassassin2o6
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