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User Info: Nobu_Moomoo

3 years ago#1

1) Must be in sanctuary.
2) I am fine with you having friends in game as long as the enter before I do (it will make the loot gathering easier and you can dupe amongst yourselves).
3) After I help you, post on the board to confirm my legitimacy.
4) Be patient, do NOT bug me constantly or I will ignore you.
5) Message me in Xbox or post exactly what you want on here to shorten my times between people so I can help everyone quicker. (If you want everything that is fine too).

(If you have something I don't, I would appreciate you duping it to me so that I may help hand it out as well)

Here is what I have to give out:
Lvl 61
-Alkaline Bee
-Alkaline Impaler
-Alkaline hide of terra
-Hide of terra
-Inflammable bee
-Black hole
-Blast proof bee
-Rough rider
-Blast proof deadly bloom
-Love Thumper

-Dastardly Maggie
-Purging infinity
-Loaded Maggie
-Caustic infinity
-Two fer Maggie
-Unending infinity
-Double penetrating unkempt Harold
-Vengeful infinity (normal, fire, shock, corrosive)
-Gunstock unforgiven
-Redundant fibber
-Binary rubi (corrosive)
-Evisceration rubi (slag)

-All of tiny Tina heads and skins
-All of Maya, Salvador, Axton, Zero, and Gaige non dlc heads.

-Skookum skullmasher
-Razrez white death (corrosive)
-Gromky white death (corrosive)
-Zammechat white death (corrosive)
-Venture longbow (fire)
-Skookum cobra

-Brisk baby maker
-Perma sharp baby maker (fire+bladed)
-Hefty baby maker
-Guaranteed baby maker (corrosive)
-Impetuous florentine (slag)
-Stopping sand hawk (shock, corrosive, slag)
-Captain Scarlett's sand hawk
-Corrosive sand hawk
-Incendiary sand hawk
-Sapping sand hawk
-Hefty avenger (shock)

Class mods:
-Legendary mechro mod
-Legendary soldier mod
-Legendary siren mod
-Chaotic evil monk
-Legendary zerker mod
-Legendary psycho mod

-Homing fire bee
-Homing bonus package
-Rollong thunder
-Chained lightning
-Sticky longbow bonus package
-Magic missile
-Sticky homing meteor shower
-Fire storm

-Vitality relic
-Sheriff's badge
-Blood of the ancients
-Mysterious amulet

Assault rifles:
-Ferocious kitten (fire)
-Resolute shredifier (fire)
-Rabid shredifier (corrosive)
-Severe kitten (corrosive)
-Slippery ogre
-Hot kitten (fire)

-Puissant norfleet (shock, fire, slag, corrosive)
-Pertinent pyrophobia (fire)
-Boosh a error message error message

-Practicable conference call (corrosive, slag, fire)
-New and improved omen
-Practicable butcher (fire, slag, shock)
-Rustler's twister (shock)
-Casual swordsplosion

Lvl 50:
-Alkaline bee
-Hide of terra
-Inflammable bee
-Black hole

-Dastardly Maggie
-Purging infinity

-Skookum skullmasher
-Razrez white death (corrosive)
-Contingent longbow (fire)

-Consummate hellfire (fire)
-Brisk baby maker

Class mods:
-Legendary mechro
-Legendary siren
-Slayer of terra mechro

-Homing fire bee

-Blood of terra
-Vitality relic

Assault rifles:
-Exspansive shredifier
-Patrol veruc

-Potential conference call
-Rustler's striker
-Practicable conference call (slag)

Also, if you posted on my older board and I never got back with you. Just send me another message, most of you were offline when I started back up and invited you to a party.
Gt: Nobutada Moomoo

User Info: xXwildebeastXx

3 years ago#2
I've got a fire sawbar (61) which you dont have, and I'd like an alkaline bee, if you have one.
gt is the same

User Info: Nobu_Moomoo

3 years ago#3
Just message me on Xbox and I will invite you to a party when it is your turn to receive the gifts.
Gt: Nobutada Moomoo

User Info: Risingstar7

3 years ago#4
I just sent you a message on Xbox. Sorry for bugging you. I apologize if that was too much to ask for. Thank you and have a nice day :) my gt is ab1g0rangeh1ppo

User Info: AdvisoryOak

3 years ago#5
Just posted on your last thread and sent 2 messages, so sorry about that. I'd like all legendary class mods(lvl 50/61), all shotguns(lvl 50/61), slag rubi, puissant nor fleets, all bee shields, magic missiles, chain lightning, slippery ogre, and your lvl 50 items.

Afraid I don't have too much to offer in return except for a lvl 55 barking storm.
GT: AdvisoryOak

User Info: KamataAngelusX

3 years ago#6
Thank you so much for all of the level 61 legendary drops, I appropriate it a lot.
Owner of: LE Star Wars 360, Wii U Deluxe, PS3, Gaming PC, PSP, PS VITA, 3DS XL

User Info: Spirit_Godd

3 years ago#7
I would like the following (level 61 items):
Incendiary Sand Hawk
All Puissant Norfleets
Chaotic Evil Monk Mod
Redundant Fibber

GT in sig.
GT is Security Shield

User Info: votedsundew

3 years ago#8
Can I get the head/skins and lv 61 assault rifles and pistols?

---I'm on but put myself offline
GT: SundewXD

User Info: SkaterUB

3 years ago#9
Can I please have Gaige and Zero's heads/skins as well as a level 50 practical conference call?

Edit: Actually if you can just give me all of the heads and skins, I would appreciate it. Minus Tiny Tina.
XBL/PSN: ShadowShooter93
3DS FC: 1332-8869-6872

User Info: Risingstar7

3 years ago#10
Is this still going on? I sent you several messages earlier and I've been waiting for quite some time now.
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