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2 years ago#31
TC, would you be opposed to me adding you on XBL so that I can ask this of you at a later time, when my character that has the most inventory space is appropriately leveled to 61?
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2 years ago#32
Id take a lv61 Legendary Siren class mod!
GT: Girthy Grandpa
Miiverse: IKahler15
2 years ago#33
-Alkaline Bee
-Rough rider

-Double penetrating unkempt Harold
-Evisceration rubi (slag)

-Zammechat white death (corrosive)
-Venture longbow (fire)
-Skookum cobra

-Impetuous florentine (slag)
-Stopping sand hawk (shock, corrosive)
-Hefty avenger (shock)

Class mods:
-Legendary soldier mod
-Legendary siren mod

-Chained lightning
-Magic missile
-Sticky homing meteor shower
-Fire storm

-Blood of the ancients
-Mysterious amulet

Assault rifles:
-Resolute shredifier (fire)
-Slippery ogre

-Puissant norfleet (shock)

-Practicable conference call (corrosive)
-New and improved omen

If you are doing this still and i could get even a few of these that would be amazing! GT is Talos21 and no rush at all

*Edit* I'll be on 11am EST and so forth.
Brawl FC- 2621-2574-6694
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2 years ago#34
I'll be on later, any chance I could get a Twister?

GT is Grogg555
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2 years ago#35
I know it's a lot but can I get:
Black hole
Vengeful Infinities (all elements)
And all heads if possible. Thanks
GT: Death Dyler
2 years ago#36
Is the tc still doing this today or just yesterday? If so I sent you a msg for any and all skins/heads you have. Gt is in Sig, thanks.
GT: phaithlas BL2 & ME3
2 years ago#37
I would take everything. I can sell what I don't need. Especially skins heads and mods. I have quite a bit too. Too much to list but I would come in and dupe it all for you first. On around 4 pm central us time.
GT Moyemont
2 years ago#38
hey i bro need these if your still giving away

lvl 61 blackhole
lvl 61 swordsplosion
mysterious amulet
lvl 61 cobra
lvl 61 Chaotic evil monk
lvl 61 Fire storm
lvl 61 Love Thumper
lvl 61 Evisceration rubi (slag)

feel free to pm me anytime ingame thx
Gt: VengeanceJ
2 years ago#39
Level 61 Rustlers Twister please.
Gt: Trafalgar Law86
2 years ago#40
hey TC
if your still doin this
i'm lookin for

Black hole
Rough rider
Blast proof deadly bloom
Love Thumper
Stopping sand hawk (shock, corrosive, slag)

Legendary mechro mod
Legendary siren mod
Chaotic evil monk
Legendary zerker mod
Legendary psycho mod

Magic missle
Any homing meteor shower
Fire storm

Ferocious kitten (fire)
Resolute shredifier (fire)
Rabid shredifier (corrosive)
Severe kitten (corrosive)
Slippery ogre
Hot kitten (fire)

Practicable conference call (corrosive, slag, fire)
New and improved omen
Practicable butcher (fire, slag, shock)

level 50
Black hole
any Commando mods
Legendary siren

if not, that's cool
i'll msg on xbl
thanx in advance, this is too cool man.
GT IamMonster138
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