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Anyone willing to trade level 72 gear? (Archived)
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john2gambs138/31 10:29AM
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LF Space Knight head. (Archived)
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LazarusQ168/31 9:36AM
FNG questions. Sorry. (Archived)
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LF Someone to Dupe Non-Elemental Level 61 B*****. +Bonus! (Archived)
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AceofLeafNL218/31 12:24AM
Possible to clear cache then store more items in my vault? (Archived)Christopher_CCC48/30 10:44PM
Favorite line in the game plus DLC lines (Archived)crow7414108/30 10:27PM
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Oh how the RNGesus is kind (Archived)crow741418/30 5:20PM
Not able to play online. (Archived)Jhardy1212158/30 4:34PM
Looking to get a group together. (Archived)Fatebound_Wolf28/30 2:41PM
Best DLC besides dragons keep? (Archived)
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GlobMonster158/30 12:21PM
Code for Baby Maker SMG, Love Thumper Shield, and 5 Gold Keys. (Archived)
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Kurgan777258/30 11:51AM
Captain Flynts Drop (Archived)Zero0Reaper78/30 10:50AM
Something happened to my game when I hit level 72 (Archived)segamaster31638/30 10:00AM
How old is a BL2 player? (Poll)
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apaticuz698/30 7:20AM
so how viable is OP8 melee krieg? (Archived)BobbyCreek28/30 4:34AM
Raid boss rant (Archived)
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crow7414158/29 1:43PM
Best use of the Thumper with Zero (Archived)mrbeef523108/29 10:39AM
Does doc merc ever drop the infinity? (Archived)
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DDP886178/29 6:15AM