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Any one willing to dupe me a cobra (Archived)Dportisbeast29/1 12:05AM
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Any item you could ever want in Borderlands 2 at any level!!!! (Archived)
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Eraserhead1O1178/31 3:18PM
Sniper Zero (but with some melee if he's mobbed) for UVHM. (Archived)Olliesdad108/31 2:56PM
SOMEONE has to have these... (Archived)
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Rasenangel338/31 1:29PM
does anyone have a lvl 61 cobra they wouldn't mind duping? (or trading) (Archived)dk210168/31 1:22PM
Got legendarys I don't use (Archived)CloneXIV78/31 11:56AM
Anyone willing to trade level 72 gear? (Archived)
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john2gambs138/31 10:29AM
Does anyone have a lvl 61 fire norfleet they can spare? (Archived)ItsAnAddiction68/31 10:19AM
LF Space Knight head. (Archived)
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LazarusQ168/31 9:36AM
FNG questions. Sorry. (Archived)
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LF Someone to Dupe Non-Elemental Level 61 B*****. +Bonus! (Archived)
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AceofLeafNL218/31 12:24AM
Possible to clear cache then store more items in my vault? (Archived)Christopher_CCC48/30 10:44PM
Favorite line in the game plus DLC lines (Archived)crow7414108/30 10:27PM
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Oh how the RNGesus is kind (Archived)crow741418/30 5:20PM