Anyone power leveling? Brother and I are 50+

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3 years ago#1
Just looking to get to level cap so we can power level our other guys.

Gamertag is Visitor9x, we'll be on all night
3 years ago#2
If you can get a firehawk shield in TVHM at 50, orphanmaker from scarlett at 50, and a rubi of any kind (or grogg nozzle), you can powerlevel yourselves in pyro-pete's bar.
3 years ago#3
Don't have any of that stuff. :(
3 years ago#4
They're all guaranteed Quest rewards, so you can get 'em, assuming you have DLC.
3 years ago#5
And that right there is why I suggest them. Just search each piece of gear on google with "borderlands 2 wiki" following the name of the weapon/shield, and you'll find everything you need no issue.
3 years ago#6
So we, at level 50 ish, beat pyro Pete's bar on ultimate tier 3 with this gear? Isn't tier 3 like level 61 enemies?
3 years ago#7
Everything scales to your level at all times, with the exception of raid bosses I believe. But yes, I did this with krieg just using the firehawk and the hellborne tree, no rubi or orphanmaker.

The reason you use the orphanmaker is it's an extremely powerful shotgun that does damage to you. You use this to keep your shield down.

The rubi gives you 12% of damage you deal as health. Every bit of damage, including your firehawk. Grog nozzle is essentially the same, just with a 50% modifier rather than 12%. Doesn't do nearly as much damage, but much better chance to slag.

So with this and switching weapons consistently, you have a permanent flame of the firehawk (fire the orphanmaker consistently to keep your shields down) and obscene health gen (pull out grog nozzle when able to)
3 years ago#8
Might try it out. We managed to beat tier 3 a few times last night but that was us mostly relying on grenades doing all the work.
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