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3 years ago#1
been awhile since ive asked for a lil help from this board so here goes im tryin my best on uvhm and making little progress all my gear is lvl 50 so i pretty much might as well be spittin on theses things.just wondering if anyone has some lvl 56 weapons, relics, bee shield etc etc they dont care about anymore that i can have or even use just so i can lvl and try and farm midgets.if not at least thanks for the look
3 years ago#2
What is your gt?
3 years ago#3
sorry its captainappy11 anything would be greatly appreciated
3 years ago#4
You can use the shift codes in the link I posted to get keys for the chest in Sanctuary. I used some of those codes to get keys last week so I know that most of them are still valid.
3 years ago#5
If your online I'll powerlevel you if you want gt vlHero
3 years ago#6
thx the codes helped some i now have a weapon that at least does some damage.
3 years ago#7
1) If you have a bee shield, toss it after a fee levels. The crap defense isn't worth the damage.

2) Slag. -- GT: Gears of Wario
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