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3 years ago#1
So I just came back to the game after a serious break and found that what was once top level gear is now somewhat lacking. I have all of the DLCs (haven't beat any) and my Gunserker is a level 51. I'm looking for suggestions as to what guns/mods/shields work best with this character now.

When I quit playing I had 3 different conference calls, a high level infinity, the babymaker, the Bee, and the Terramorphous mod all at the highest level. Now that I'm playing again I want to get the best gear but in all honesty don't feel like scouring the boards for info. If any of you could drop me suggestions on the names and farming locations for good gear I would greatly appreciate it. I generally play with shotguns but if you have other suggestions throw them my way.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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3 years ago#2
I like to use pistols with Salvador, The DP Unkempt Harold (Torgue vending machines or Savage Lee in Three Horns Divide) and Slag Ruby (Quest reward Rakkaholics Anonymous - turn in to Moxxi) on a Gunlust/Rampage Sal are the popular raid boss killing combo, along with mods and relics that support the playstyle. But as you prefer shotguns, I'll give you my thoughts along those lines.

Chaotic evil monk class mods are the favoured class mod for raid boss pistoleers, but they can help a shotgun wielding Sal too. They are exclusively found in the new chests in the Tiny Tina DLC. They boost critical damage, fire rate and the Money Shot skill.

Shotguns: The Swordsplosion is a side quest reward in the TT DLC. It's fun to use and does massive damage. A Doc's Quad (Jakobs Purple - random loot) is a good choice for a Sal that uses the left skill tree. I also like the Heartbreaker (Safe and Sound quest reward - turn in to Moxxi)for its speed. I find the CC too inaccurate. I also really like using Ravagers (Torgue vending machines or random loot) with Sal, as with Keep Firing, he can overcome the slow fire rate and really pour out some damage.

Relics: Go for a Heart of the Ancients (Legendary Loot Midgets) for your shotgun damage, or a Deputy Badge (Quest Reward - Showdown) or a vanilla Shotgun aggression relic.

Shields: Evolution (Hyperius) for health regen and elemental resistance. A Blockade for damage resistance and decent capacity (TT DLC from the dragons raid boss). The Antagonist (TT Seraph vendor in Flamerock Refuge) works pretty well on Sal, but I don't like it unless I've specced down the Brawn tree as it leaves you vulnerable to non-bullet attacks.

Grenades: Magic Missile (Drop from the necromancers in the TT DLC). They slag, regenerate grenade ammo and home in on targets quickly. They come in a x2 and a x4 variety.

Launchers: For second winds I like the Nukem (Black Queen in the Dust or Torgue vending machines), Norfleet (Vermivorous or Hyperius) or any Vladof RPG (I like the fire rate and projectile speed - random loot).
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3 years ago#3
Thanks Charon. This is exactly what I was looking for. I like pistols on Sal too but when I left the game my conference calls were so OP it didn't make sense to use anything but them.

Thanks again for the info.
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