A few exploits you should know about. Duping And infinite inventory.

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1. Make sure the game isn't saving drop your items then dashboard or sigh out of your gamer tag and you'll just end up back at the title screen ( a little faster than dashbording.)

2. Start a trade between someone offer up the desired items you wish to dupe. Start a duel after you've selected your items then the player duping the items equips them to their character then drops them.(if you had them equipped prior to the duel just put the items in your inventory and then drop them.) after the items are dropped the other character than kills the duper and then having won the duel will now have the items while the dropped items still remain on the ground.

How to get any Lvl character to carry as many items as you wish.
The character you wish to over capacitate their inventory needs to have a full inventory. You need a second player/controller with the items you wish to give to your "mule". They also must have at least 4 inventory slots open. Start a trade and have the mule offer up 4 items then have the other player offer up the items you wish the mule to carry. Start a duel and have the mule win the fight. (if your using Lvl 1 mule just have your stronger player lose by killing theirself or running out of bounds) once the mule has won the items will be forced into their inventory. Rinse and repeat as much as needed

Another way is to sell all your equipped items to any store and buy them back. The items force their way into your inventory and you'll just need to keep picking items up automatically equipping them and keep selling. (not recommended for main characters as you won't be ble to pick up new loot unless you carry crap items to swap out with stuff you really want to pick up.)

Also it's always a good idea to back up your most valuable characters on another storage device other than your main one.

Hope this helps someone.
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Sticky requested!!
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Does the "Buyback" tab have infinite space like it seems to? I don't wanna risk losing items, nor spend the time finding enough low level crap to test it.
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Thanks for bringing tat up. No doesn't have infinite taps. Assuming your selling 8 at a time I wouldn't go over 16 items before buying them back.
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I swear i had something for this...
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These exploits blow my mind, is anyone playing right now who can confirm they work???! And this game has been out for a year and a half, why are these hidden treasures just now being unearthed by soon-to-be-legendary forums poster ace_thats_all?

The rest of you really dropped the ball on this. For shame!
What fresh hell is this?
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The guy in this video explains how to do the backpack inventory glitch after he's done explaining his build if you want a video example.
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In case you didn't know TC, they're being sarcastic.
This has been known since week one broski.
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New to me thanks. A lot of us bought this game when it was on sale for $9.99 the other week. I was beginning to panic too because my backpack and bank was filled to the max lol.
#9Yoann_LemoinePosted 7/16/2013 2:32:14 AM
I have nothing worth duping.
#10ace_thats_all(Topic Creator)Posted 7/16/2013 3:20:57 AM
Yeah like the one dude said they have worked since day 1. I just notice a few people on the bored confused about duping. Also I forgot to add this bit. If our duping offline to yourself give your items to the second controller have them save the items by going to their badass ranks tab and switching it off and back on. After it is done saving drop the items and have that profile sign out. Do not save and quit. When you sign them back in and load the character they'll have the items without the host having to leave the game.
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I swear i had something for this...