LF Stalker x2 Pearlescent Pistols

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3 years ago#1
I am looking for any element Stalker pistol with the x2 (DVA prefix) to damage. I especially would like the slag version. If you would be able to help I have the following to dupe in return.

BInary Evie
Evisceration Rubi (slag and shock)
All elements infinity
Potent Rubi
Binary Rubi (shock)
All elements pimpernel
skookum cobra
skookum hawkeye
Practicable Interfacer (slag and shock)
All elements Practicable Slow Hand
Gentle Blockhead
A few Omen Shotguns
94% sham
Inflammable and Alkaline Hide of Terramorphous
FotF (366k nova)
Inflammable Love Thumper (150k roid)
Slag Rapier
Inflammable Bee
Grounded Bee
Grounded Black Hole
Longbow Storm Front (0.0 fuse)
Longbow Quasar (0.0 fuse)
Magic Missle x4
Chain Lightning
Homing Pandemic
Casual Swordsplosion
Two fer Maggie
Nasty Ogre
Impetuous and Consummate Florentine
Shadow of Seraphs (max stats)
Bone of the Ancients (all elements, Max stats)
All Butchers (Practicable, 2 elements critical)
All norfleets (no explosive)
Paraquat Hive
Twin Hornet
and much more

PM me on here or send a message to me on live GT: He Man64 if you have these pistols, thanks
3 years ago#2
not sure if i have the dva stalker but i was wondering if i could get a dupe of the rapier? if you need any other weapons you somehow dont have lol i might have them
3 years ago#3
Yeah just send me an invite
3 years ago#4
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