Will legendary class mods give +5 +6 or +7 at level 72?

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User Info: davinthegreat98

3 years ago#1
at level 61 now it stays at 5 but does it need to be 72 for +6 or +7 or will it stay at +5

Honestly we need new class mods which give bonuses to the whole team, I'd much rather have + 4% team ammo regen than +34% melee damage for the gunzerker or team gun damage or fire rate for axton or team crit damage%+ or team reload speed on zero's. they're the only type of gear not really effected by the level cap increase yet.
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User Info: Lahar

3 years ago#2
We won't know until we see, but I'd love for blue 72 mods to have +7. If they did that, Legendary mods might be +6.

I think Legendary mods are fine as they are. They're specialised for the class and I don't think should have team bonuses. I think that's the toss up, whether to boost your own damage, skills or whatever with a Legendary mod, or to help out the team with another mod.

I would like to see new mods with completely new team bonuses though. Maybe a specific elemental damage boost for the Siren or Mechromancer, or team movement speed after kill, or team melee range. That's what I liked about Krieg's Reaper mod (team kill skill duration) because it was new. I don't think it's really used much at least not in open lobbies, because you don't know whether others are spec'd into their kill skills, and it can be a toss up as to who actually kills an enemy.
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User Info: doughnutman

3 years ago#3
I doubt it, The legendary mods for 50 only did +5, same with the ones at 61. It doesn't seem like they'd keep increasing it if they didn't already.
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  3. Will legendary class mods give +5 +6 or +7 at level 72?

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