Rate your favorite characters and why!

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The cosplay is damn sexy.
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Jonathan7272 posted...
1. Maya (siren)
She was my first VH, and ive gotten her up to 57. Still working on UVHM, but just using her skills with friends are OP.
2. Sal (gunzerker)
Havent really played with him yet..planning on starting a new char right now! But my friend uses him and he seems pretty good.
3. Axton (commando)
Health. Skills. Turret. nuff said.
4. Gaige (mechro)
an okay char, shes pretty..OP in imo opinion so i dont use her much. ( not as OP as siren )
5. Zer0 (assassin)
Honestly dont really like him..only real cool thing about him is his skills, and his looks..other then that no thanks.
6. Krieg (psycho)
i played with him for one day before deleting the character. ive gone down with him more times then any other character on regular vhm. dont like him at all.

Your reasons are pretty bad and you've hardly even played with the characters. This is my opinion:

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Sal - 2 guns are better than 1
Gaige - Anarchy!!!
Krieg - Closest thing this game has to BL1 Brick
Axton = Maya - Sit back and let your action skill do the heavy lifting
Zer0 - Fun but frustrating
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Krieg: 9/10

I can charge into a mob of enemies and not go down on UVHM? Yay!

Salvador: 7.5/10

Can do absolutely massive amounts of damage and rarely have to buy ammo, but I find that it difficult to stay out of FFYF with him, even when using a Rubi/Grog. Although that could be because the shield I have for him sucks and my shots often missing their target

Gaige: 6/10

Pretty "Meh". I can understand some of the hatred towards her while I can't understand the rest. It seems the go-to argument is that "She's for noobs".

Zer0: 4/10

Isn't it odd that he has a skill tree dedicated to sniping yet Maya ends up being a better sniper? I find that the only way you can do much damage with him is with melee.

Haven't played as Maya and Axton enough to rate them.

This is my personal opinion anyway.
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Just wondering how your 2nd favorite character is one you haven't even played yet. o_O

Anyway... Heres my list. Based on days played.

1. Zero- 13 days- cuz he da best
2. Maya- 12 days- cuz she 2nd best
3. Axton- 10 days- cuz he 3rd best
4. Sal- 7
5. Krieg- 5
6. Gaige- 3- cuz she da worst
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Dreadsword101 posted...

Zer0: 4/10

Isn't it odd that he has a skill tree dedicated to sniping yet Maya ends up being a better sniper? I find that the only way you can do much damage with him is with melee.

Between One Shot One Kill, Rising Shot, & Two Fang, Zero can gunsling with the best of them my friend. The best thing about him is you can use melee AND guns in the same build. I really don't know why everyone thinks its one or the other.
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^^^ just by reading the gearbox forums, it's because people either play zero as melee or sniper and from the videos I seen and articles I read his melee is the most popular. Guys are dropping raid bosses not even shooting a single bullet.

As far as gaige being for noobs, it's because she has a robot that can help her and get her out of situations other characters would die in. She is the only character with an action skill that summons in a sense another player.

I liked mordy in 1 because of bloodwing, but I prefer DT because under the right situation he can stay out forever. No one else has an action skill that can always be on.
#18DemaciaRookiePosted 8/2/2013 12:16:59 PM
Siren 9/10
Commando 5/10
Assassin 9/10
Gunzerker 8/10
Mechromancer 8/10
Krieg Don't Have/10

I didn't like Commando as much as I liked the other characters.
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