One Last Donation: OP-Level 8 Gear

#1PatK25Posted 9/8/2013 10:31:45 AM
I've finally gotten my Psycho to OP-Level 8. And I need some help getting some OP-Level 8 Gear. I don't need much, I'm simply requesting that people donate some OP-Level 8 gear that is harder to find than most. I don't need Uniques, as I reset my Psycho's mission progress to level him up faster, and I've saved those unique missions for when I hit OP-Level 8, so those I can get myself. And I don't need Pearlescents, as those are guaranteed drops from the Digistruct Challenge OP-Level 8 Final Boss. I'm simply requesting a couple of items that are harder to obtain than others

Here is what I could use to help me jump start my collection:

Norfleet (Incendiary)
Hide of Terramorphous
Blood of Terramorphous
Any Legendary Psycho Mods.

My Gamertag is PK Fudo. If you wish to donate anything else, that would be most appreciated, but the items listed above are all I really need. I can farm for the rest myself. Just send me a message on Live and I'll send you the invite. Thank you for reading and Happy Vault Hunting.

On a side note, I received a message earlier this week from someone with the Gamertag "Jam Be Murkin" asking me to dupe some things for him/her. I thought I sent you a reply but you never responded back. If you didn't get the message just hit my Gamertag up again. I'd be happy to dupe the things people donate to you as well.
#2killbot357Posted 9/8/2013 10:42:00 AM
People should take begging lessons from you
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#3PatK25(Topic Creator)Posted 9/8/2013 10:45:57 AM
I'd prefer to think that I'm good with my English. You go to school for the first 20 something years of your life, might as well use it for something.
#4PatK25(Topic Creator)Posted 9/8/2013 11:17:51 AM
If you readers are also looking for OP-Level 8 gear, I can dupe you what OP-Level 8 gear I have in exchange for what I've requested. However, I don't have a lot to barter with:

Loaded Unforgiven
Binary Rubi (Slag)
Patrol Scorpio
Miss Moxxi's Good Touch

Just send a message to me on live and we can work something out. Thanks for reading.
#5CabinutzPosted 9/8/2013 11:21:23 AM
I'll send you a message when I return. I'm currently out and should be back in an hour or so. I have the Ogre, and I lost my Rubi so I wouldnt mind another one.
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#6PatK25(Topic Creator)Posted 9/8/2013 11:25:30 AM
Will you be on later today (or tonight)? I have to leave soon and I totally want to help you out. I should be back around 8-9pm Arizona time.
#7CabinutzPosted 9/8/2013 12:18:33 PM
PatK25 posted...
Will you be on later today (or tonight)? I have to leave soon and I totally want to help you out. I should be back around 8-9pm Arizona time.

It's 3:17 here in New York. I should be back on in an hour or so, and later tonight as well
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#8PatK25(Topic Creator)Posted 9/8/2013 4:57:04 PM
I'm back online now if anyone wants to dupe. Send a message to PK Fudo on live and we can get started.
#9Walterwhite95Posted 9/8/2013 4:58:35 PM
inv me
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#10donniedarko85Posted 9/9/2013 1:48:08 AM
I can hook you up with all that gear let me know if you still need it bro
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