Need some ideas on weapons for my OP8 Siren

#11Gryphter97Posted 9/20/2013 10:16:35 PM
Too much enemy variety for dedicated and separate sirens. It is worth the backpack slots to be able to switch up on the fly. I will say doughnutman is correct about bee shield not being as good for aggressive, up-close, play because even one point drop causes you to lose the amp damage. For very aggressive play, his suggestion would be better.

I mix it up and rip through one group at a time as I progress through which means circling or retreating as needed and using any available cover. To some, it is not as aggressive. That being said, you are welcome for the youtube suggestion.

A quick note here. Some mods are AMAZING if you have a play style that will truly capitalize the strengths of the mod. Doughnutman mentioned the mirrored trickster, you might also enjoy the mobility advantages of the unyielding banshee mod which allows you to move incredibly fast or even the legendary cat, nurse, or binder mods which have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Anyway, not tryin to have a wall of text so just check out a mixture of builds, mods, and relics to take advantage of what this game offers to fit your play style.
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