Story of beggers and their quest for loot.

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The following took place online a month or two back:

Random: Hey, do you have the Siren's Kawaii Killer head?
Me: Yeap, I do.
Random: Can you dupe it for me?

Feeling generous at the time, I decided to comply with the guys request. I'm assuming he decided to send me a message since moments before he did so, I ended up duping the Kawaii Killer for another individual on this forum, so he must have saw the post.

Me: Yeap, sure thing. Just give me a couple of minutes to prep myself.

Deciding I wanted to surprise the guy and make his day, I loaded up Gibbed and put all the Siren's heads / skins on to my save to shower unto the guy. A few moments later, I joined his game and dropped everything and left the guy in awe.

Random: Wow, I was not expecting that. Thanks.
Me: No problem man, enjoy the heads and skins!

A couple of minutes pass by, and I decided to hop on Black Ops II since I was in the mood to get my zombie slaying groove on.

Random: Hey man, you wouldn't also happen to have the heads and skins for the Gunzerker and Psycho too, would you?
Me': Yeah, I sure do.
Random: Would you be able to dupe those for me as well?

Feeling a bit reluctant at this point because 1) I wasn't on BL2 anymore, 2) I just finished duping all those heads / skins for those guys, 3) This guy was asking for way more than intended (remember, his original request was just a single head) and 4) Duping all the gear for two whole characters can be quite time consuming.

But alas, I decided to comply with the guys demands since he didn't seem too bad at the time.

Me: Um yeah, sure thing man. Just give me 10 minutes or so.

So I loaded up Gibbed again, and repeated the same process as the Siren for the Gunzerker and Psycho. I joined the guys game, dropped all the heads / skins, and that was that. No extra appreciation or thanks was given or heard.

A couple of days later, the guy sends me yet another message asking me if I can drop the heads and skins off for the rest of the vault hunters. No please or anything mind you. But anyways, upon seeing the message, I decided to ignore it hoping that he'd just go away, because at that point, he sort of got on my nerves. And then the following day he sends me yet another message repeating the same request, and then another one the day after that.

Feeling quite pissed off at this point because this guy wouldn't leave me alone. I decided to respond to one of his messages telling him that I'm basically not interested in duping the rest of the heads / skins to him, and that I'd had hoped that me ignoring his requests would allow him to take a hint that I just don't want anything to do with him anymore.

In response, the guy lashed out at me writing paragraphs upon paragraphs of messages expressing his discontent towards me. I told him to chill, and that he should learn to take no for an answer just as easily as he was able to take yes for an answer. And that's when the insults started hurling. He started saying crap like that I should go smoke a pole and f*** yourself.

Fed up with this guys bulls***, after all I had helped him out with. His ungratefulness lead me to just simply being dumbstruck and astounded at the lack of respect. I promptly blocked communications with the guy, since I didn't want anything to do with him anymore.

And yeah, that's my story guys on why beggars are such degenerates.
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Bluedevil helped me and a buddy out big time once.

I'm now OP5 and getting new stuff but he helped me succeed. Now farming for OP5 Bee and Magic Missiles, Infinitys.
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Got msg, Bluedevil...I'll be watching my inbox and LIVE messages for a bit.
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Wow, i remember in BL1 when id randomly ask as nicely as i could for someone to please give me a one-shot gun (modded gun that simple has damage modded to extremes to one-shot everything) and no one would and if anything id get told off to for begging and wanting to cheat despite saying i simply wanted it for craw farming.

I randomly joined a game, noticed a gun on the ground, exactly what i was looking for and asked and messaged the other guys in the game if i could have it. Couldnt get a response so i just took it and went back to solo craw farming.

Generally, i get the opposite. Im as nice and specific as possible. Usually while making runs for said gun in attempt to get it legit...
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doughnutman posted...
So I think people should share their stories about people who beg or demand loot.

This guy friend requested me today, doesn't say anything. I messaged him and all he says is "hellfire?" When I tell him "so?" All he says is "I need one." As if I'm supposed to automatically give him one. And I tell him "How does that apply to me?" and he calls me a "D***." So I looked up his gamertag and apparently on Youtube he had posted comments saying "duping is for noobs and i hope it's patched" And offering someone every legendary in exchange for Microsoft points. When I mention that he gets all defensive saying "When the hell did I mention that."

Apparently I'm rude because I told him no. And then kinda threw it back in his face. So anyone else have experiences like this lately?

dude u gave him a crappy stuck up answer. He said hellfire? he wanted it so either say u can or cant drop it. Not something douchey like how does that apply to me?.
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^ It may be nit picking but I disagree. If the guy was after free gear he could at least of used a few more words and formed a full sentence. Really, how much longer would it have taken to type "Can you dupe me a Helllfire?" or "Hellfire please"?
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8luedevil posted...
^ It may be nit picking but I disagree. If the guy was after free gear he could at least of used a few more words and formed a full sentence. Really, how much longer would it have taken to type "Can you dupe me a Helllfire?" or "Hellfire please"?

Seriously. God forbid the person have some common courtesy towards the person that they are asking a favor of
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not sure if this fit the topic but i joined some random game and i get a message from the host saying dump your entire inventory then dashboard or ill kick you his gt was ToXiCXxB34STxX
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I get regular requests from people hoping I'll dupe my +9999999999999999999999999999999% xp relic, but I can't blame them (it IS a pretty good relic)
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I got a message a few days ago from someone asking if I had any extra heads and skins from the giveaways I did a few months back.

Instantly blocked the guy.
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