Best DLC on sale atm?

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User Info: TwistedKratos

3 years ago#1
I can only pick up 1 and can't decide between tiny Tina, mechromancer or psycho
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User Info: masterchris001

3 years ago#2
Tiny Tina imo
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User Info: 8luedevil

3 years ago#3
Tiny Tina by far!
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User Info: Anarki471

3 years ago#4
Get Dragon Keep

It's funny even if you are not a D&D fan, it provides some good gear (Swordsplosion anyone) plus the storyline is pretty deep and a little moving at times

Plus it's got Mister Torgue in it, which we at the Torgue corporation believe is F*****G AWESOME!
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