Looking for Commando heads; have others to trade

#1mortal118Posted 9/30/2013 3:16:27 PM
Yes, I know. ANOTHER topic about asking for freebies/dupe. I'm actually offering something in return though & I'd be willing to game with people if you need help with anything in BL2.

Here's what I'm looking for:

1)Bone Blinder- Commando
2)Space Knight- Commando
3)Dapper Gent- Commando

What I have to offer:

1)D00med- Assassin
2)I Hear Your Blood- Psycho
3)Double Suplex- Psycho
4)Pretty In Punk- Siren
5)Metal Fear- Siren
6)Marshal Mustache- Gunzerker
7)Sandblaster- Commando
8)Chooper Topper- Commando
9)The Hawk- Commando
10)Medic Mantis- Commando
11)Grease Monkey- Mecromancer

I also have some decent purple, orange & pink items to offer for lvl 50 & above.
Take care, God bless, peace out.
GT: Mortal Frailty
#2NinjaYuffie164Posted 9/30/2013 3:20:19 PM
I have the dapper gent head. Do you have a level 72 shock sandhawk?
#3mortal118(Topic Creator)Posted 9/30/2013 3:39:02 PM
Unfortunately no. :(

My highest lvl guy is only a 56.

Work is taking most of my free time. grrr.
Take care, God bless, peace out.
GT: Mortal Frailty
#4mortal118(Topic Creator)Posted 10/1/2013 6:44:29 PM
The Dapper Gent head is probably the one I want the most too... it looks like it would fit perfectly with Axton's Community Day skin (the Tombstone western one)!
Take care, God bless, peace out.
GT: Mortal Frailty
#5NinjaYuffie164Posted 10/1/2013 7:14:45 PM
I can probably help you out anyway. Do you have an other heads you could trade? I will be available in a few hours. I'll send you a message.
#6NinjaYuffie164Posted 10/1/2013 8:37:42 PM
Sent you a pm