Power Leveling 1-72 And More!

#1mitchellfoxxPosted 10/20/2013 10:59:40 PM
What is up again, community? Final G here getting back into the swing of things on Borderlands 2. After GTAO letting me down on any kind of fun content after buying everything there is to buy in the game, I've decided to come back and help people with what I can.

Anywho, if you need help leveling your characters, or maybe some help getting through digistruct peak, or you just want to sit ingame and chat about fantasies, then just toss me a message in the inbox here or on XBL at my gamertag: Final G Tenshou

Once again, please be patient as I get through the list of people I'll be receiving. I'll get to everyone as fast as I humanly can.

Thanks, everyone!
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Proud Hereo of Borderlands
"xliner is probably an eridian" - 3CDED
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xliner posted...

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You still helping people powerlevel? GT is MzRie
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neutrino_3 posted...
You still helping people powerlevel? GT is MzRie

Sure am, I just got your message I think as I was turning off the XBox for the night.

I will send you a message tomorrow, or if you'd like, just send me another message of when you'll be on around tomorrow. Thanks!