Playing through the DLC before beating the game? *spoilers*

#1CyricsServantPosted 11/19/2013 4:48:57 PM
I just beat the Torgue DLC, which was pretty great, and I want to tackle the other 3 DLCs.

I haven't beaten the game though, so I'm afraid that might cause plothole issues. For instance, I know Roland's death plays a major role in Tiny Tina's DLC, so playing the DLC before his death would probably result in some weird dialogue and plot points.

Can I play through the DLC prior to completing the game without ruining the plot?

#2Anarki471Posted 11/19/2013 5:01:41 PM
Hammerlocks Hunt supposedly takes place after the main quest but i think there are only a few minor main plot references so doing it should'nt make a difference, I'm not sure about the Pirates Booy DLC, oh and a warning, theHH DLC is probably the poorest of the four, i think it only has 3 story mission and several long and boring but optional missions
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#3TSReaperPosted 11/19/2013 5:27:40 PM
Save Hammerlock's and Tiny Tina's until after you complete the main story.
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#4CyricsServant(Topic Creator)Posted 11/19/2013 5:29:03 PM
Alright, thanks guys.