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2 years ago#1
I purchased the season pass when the game came out, are there any other DLCs thar came out that I might have missed?
2 years ago#2
The second level cap pack and the two Headhunter DLCs.
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2 years ago#3

Almost comprehensive but it's missing:

I said runt.
2 years ago#4
Thanks eternal, are they out already, and are they worth purchasing?
2 years ago#5
The second level cap w/Digistruct Peak is a good buy if you seriously want to get the ultimate test of your skills- I haven't tried the Headhunter DLC's so no comment there...
2 years ago#6
If you're happy at level 61 don't buy the new pack. It won't be worth it. It'll make the game slightly less balanced and harder. Only get it if you really want it. Otherwise if you're content at 61. Then I'd stay there tbh.
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