BORDERLANDS 2: Drop And Chest Rate Adjustments??

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2 years ago#1
Has Gearbox adjusted the drops again?
The Warrior doesn't drop nearly as much as it used to and I'm seeing ALOT of duplicate items in chests; the same exact shotguns, one with a scope and one without.
Maybe I just didn't notice the chests before but it's really obvious now and for the Warrior it looks like he drops half the items he used to, especially eridium; u would get 20+ per run, now I'm lucky if he gives at least 10. The Dragons are better for eridium anyway but that's(eridium) just an example.
And loot-midgets have changed as well...something game-wise has been changed.
I'm just wondering if Gearbox has made more changes that we were not told about:/
Anyone else notice anything?
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2 years ago#2
Just RNJesus up to his normal tricks
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2 years ago#3
All patch notes so far, feel free to browse through them:
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2 years ago#4
thmadhatter83 posted...
Has Gearbox adjusted the drops again?

Unlikely :S

Anyone else notice anything?

Fraid not- not for at least the last 2.5 months, excluding vermi
So say we all
2 years ago#5
Thanks for the replies guys...
I'm on 360 if that matters, offline mostly, but here lately I've been playin online and thats where I've noticed things.
" do you know you're alive when you can't tell if you're awake or dreaming?"
2 years ago#6
Well, then the RNJesus is smiling down me, because the first time I killed Boom-Bewm, i got the legendary g-mod. Killed Flynt got the thunderball Fists, and killed scorch and got Hellfire, all first kills.
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2 years ago#7
I don't think I've ever seen a hellfire drop from scorch before and I've killed that fool hundreds of times. :(
2 years ago#8
I'm telling you guys there's a diFFerence now...a noticeable difference.
I've logged WAY too many hours running the loot-midgets for legendaries and treants for bee's, 100's prolly into 1000 now, and I know something has been changed.
Does it kill the game , no, does it ruin the experience, no, can you still get items to drop...eventually, yes.
The changes I've seen are not RNGBuddah smackin' things around, they're legit and I've not seen any release about them.
Gearbox owes me nothing. Changes to a game, however small some people say they are, are still changes and should still be noted and made public; not being prompted with an "update available" box on the screen, only to have NO CLUE what just got changed in my game.
2 years ago#9
I agree with TC, the drop rates must have changed. Except..... i am getting MORE legendary weapons now!

My first 4 playthroughs to 61 I only saw 2 legendary weapons drop without farming. I got 3 characters to 50 on my quest to replay them all and each of them has gotten at least 2 legendary drops from chest and such each time.
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2 years ago#10
Confirmation bias ho!
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