Evaluating weapon damage cards.

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2 years ago#1
Are there any tips or things I should know when evaluating weapon damage cards? Are there any rules of thumb for comparing elemental weapons against each other or against normal weapons?

For example, I read that you can pretty much double the damage listed on explosive weapons because you get splash damage on top of the bullet impact damage. Do I also double the listed explosive damage for launchers and grenades?

I just don't want to accidentally dismiss a really strong weapon because I'm not understanding its stats right.
2 years ago#2
You could test them out if it looks interesting...
I have found several items that look "meh" on the card, but just wreaks havoc when tried out.
2 years ago#3
The weapon card mostly just tells you the damage and fire rate. To get a handle on the accuracy and recoil when fired you'll have to actually test out the weapon. The same goes for bullet velocity; which can be really important when selecting a Torgue weapon(velocity accessories can greatly extend their effective range).

Some things also take some experience to figure out. E.g. Maliwan weapons that list that they deal bonus elemental damage actually proc a small elemental AoE burst on top of their normal damage, which can also trigger its own independent elemental DoT.

Different weapon types can have different critical hit modifiers. Relating to that, do note that all Jakobs weapons have unlisted higher critical hit modifiers than the other manufacturers. E.g. a Jakobs pistol will get higher bonus critical damage than a shot from say a Dahl pistol.

The last thing to do would be to check out the pinned topic that mentions it will make farming harder. It shows pictures of the different gun parts and how they provide bonuses. At the most basic level, matching a barrel to a manufacturer tends to provide bonus damage while a matching grip provides a larger magazine and faster reload speeds. But for weapons like rocket launchers, the parts can also provide potent bonuses on their own. E.g. any launcher with a Maliwan exhaust will fire rockets at a much higher velocity(this includes times where Master Gee the raid boss spawns with a Maliwan exhaust).

TL/DR: it's a good idea to take any potential weapons to the shooting range and test out how they handle.
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2 years ago#4
DuneMan covered it mostly, but yes. Weapons that cause splash damage (anything torgue), and I believe most Maliwans, deal bonus 85% damage as splash damage, this will effect anything in range, not just the enemy hit

also, the splash damage is effected by your grenade damage, so if you have +50% grenade damage from badass ranks or skills then you would get 85*1.5 extra damage

this second damage proc also gets its own amp bonus from amp shields, giving you two times the total amp damage

this is why people like the DPUH with the bee

you can get 28 times the amp damage bonus with its 14 shots, on top of the already high damage the gun delivers
2 years ago#5
It's also why the Harold is being nerfed into the Fragnum in the Pre-Sequel. It's going to be damage x5 on the card, and is basically a gyrojet Masher/Maggie.
"I'd rather betray the world than let the world betray me." -Cao Cao
2 years ago#6
you have a source on that info?

iirc the harold was seen in some of the first gameplay footage as an item looted, I hope they nerf all the powerful gear while buffing the more worthless ones

A nice variety in viable playstyles would make this game far more fun for me
2 years ago#7
Masterpie3000 posted...
you have a source on that info?

Any of the PAX gameplay with Claptrap will show it. I'll cede that it doesn't totally preclude the possibility of the Harold remaining alongside the Fragnum. But as a leader of the pack it was probably due for a trim.
"I'd rather betray the world than let the world betray me." -Cao Cao
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