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New to farming. Gonna do it tonight. Help? (Archived)evilmonkey8271/3/2013
LF Emperor with high fire rate (Archived)muttenman41/3/2013
Which skill tree is your least favorite/dislike the most for each character? (Archived)
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I want something, do you? (Archived)FAILUREtoreply51/3/2013
LF Gaige head-digitized death (Archived)johnnycubsfan41/3/2013
Is this game worh beating solo? (Archived)Reamur31/3/2013
are you over 25? still like playing this? have a mic?!!! look here! (Archived)Mtpgamer11/3/2013
LF: The Transformer/Good shock guns for Mechromancer (Archived)supertyen21/3/2013
Fastest Legendary weapon farming? (Archived)supertyen61/3/2013
This is what irritates me.... (Archived)
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Will dupe infinity, CC, alot of other level 50 oranges for... (Archived)
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LF: level 38ish legendaries, have tons of 50's to give out. (Archived)need4speed644811/3/2013
HOBO with a SHOTGUN = no references??? Criminal, I tell you. Criminal! (Archived)dc351/3/2013
LF Elemental Weapons (Archived)Sniper4hire820921/3/2013
Question about Oranges... (Archived)Corey10541/3/2013
The new Flesh stick? (Archived)Rjmhart21/3/2013
Rarest legendary drop? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Question about scaling of quest rewards in PT 2 and 2.5 (Archived)illbzo141/3/2013
Are there any known bugs that would cause Pete not to drop oranges? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Bunny and Nuke. (Archived)mitch458111/3/2013
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