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Cool Heads plz (Archived)Frosbite6921/1/2013
Just started playing, is there anything I can miss? (Archived)Wanderer199371/1/2013
Dynamic Logans Gun (Archived)DiabolicHat21/1/2013
If I???? (Archived)mitch458121/1/2013
Question about playthrough 2.5 and The Warrior (Archived)TheHunger8231/1/2013
Tips on the second playthrough? (Archived)
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In Borderlands 1 did they increase the talent trees? (Archived)ShariganItachi41/1/2013
New shift code (Early Morning). (Archived)ysauve7231/1/2013
Happy New Year Shift Codes (Archived)TheHunger8241/1/2013
Hi, LF a mechro mod with a skill boost in close enough (Archived)VaricoseVeins41/1/2013
Do I get Anarchy damage bonus when in Discord? (Archived)captain_tylor21/1/2013
Any new skin rewards from Torgue Slots? (Archived)CalistoCoon21/1/2013
Need Quasar grenade. (Archived)RamiusDC21/1/2013
Extra Kawaii Killer? :3 (Archived)AyKillerCupcake21/1/2013
Anyone want to help me with Tier 3 Battle: Bar Room Blitz? (Archived)CalistoCoon11/1/2013
Feeling kinda stupid (Archived)Welcommatt61/1/2013
I need rare heads and good guns... have a few legendaries I can trade (Archived)BirthOfDeoxys1711/1/2013
Have any of you ever gotten a legendary from the slot machine? (Archived)
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I have no name161/1/2013
Is It worth for farm The Bee anymore? (Archived)darkxknight10141/1/2013
My Gamertag is Killbot - why do people ask be about this game ? (Archived)
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