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Any good LMGs in this game? I haven't seen one good one yet. (Archived)
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Weird (But Good) Glitch (Archived)jxlxw3412/28/2012
Potential easy levelling spot (mecromancer) required. (Archived)anewman33612/28/2012
Flamezerker- The reason Salvador is wanted for arson (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Can anyone give me the Halloween skins (Archived)thenabu112/28/2012
The formula for making a Borderlands game: (Archived)
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This is BS. (Archived)
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Moxxi's Ruby (Archived)fakesnoop77712/28/2012
anyone willing to help a guy out (Archived)tooljunkie1012/28/2012
shift codes no longer works? (Archived)WingZeroX812/28/2012
LF: All infinity pistols and a caustic plasma caster (Archived)
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Got a lvl 50 Double Pen. Unkempt Harold from the Treasure Room (Archived)deadlyfred312/28/2012
LF: level 50 splatgun with good accuracy FT: level 50 CC (Archived)Ray5555212/28/2012
LF. shock relic (Archived)anewman33212/28/2012
"Beast" mods in Torgue Vending Machine? (Archived)killmyyster112/28/2012
Terra Help (Archived)DMBHovDog212/28/2012
Gaige shock class mods and weapons ? (Archived)anewman33312/28/2012
Is the Xbox Live sale currently the cheapest way to get this? (Archived)AnonymousFriend1012/28/2012
Looking for: Legendary Commando Class Mod (Archived)KyleMizer212/28/2012
Does anyone want some legendary, and E-tech weapons ? (Archived)Jasontha13thkid112/28/2012
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