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My friend got a glitch where some of his items reset and several items reset. (Archived)CalistoCoon612/28/2012
Need Seraph Crystals? (Archived)king_ortis112/28/2012
Was Level Scaling Patched into PL1? (Archived)
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LF: emperor smg, fire leech grenade mod, fire or shock infinity.. (Archived)w00dy925512/28/2012
LF 3 more people for a boss marathon (Archived)killedbytheowny1012/27/2012
LF Fire Leech Grenade Mod (Archived)shadow_kan0512/27/2012
What are your stats for this game? (Archived)swongq712/27/2012
Flesh-Sticking? (Archived)KingofAtrophy1012/27/2012
Orphan Maker (Archived)sniperhit312/27/2012
Have they releases Christmas skins for your characters (Archived)ironmaidenfan70412/27/2012
Should I get season pass even though I don't actually enjoy this game. (Archived)
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LF set of infinites and sheriffs badge... (Archived)
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Your Favourite Weapons Manufacturer? (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Borderlands 2 Season Pass on sale for 25% off. (Archived)Assassin_X_Geth312/27/2012
I am looking for a level 50 etech shotty (Archived)Ray5555712/27/2012
A poll about patches (Poll)
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farming some bosses right now. (Archived)w00dy925412/27/2012
Mad Moxxi sings? (Archived)BayouJoe112/27/2012
Question about not being able to get into a multiplayer game? (Archived)B33rMe2512/27/2012
advice from better people at the game please (Archived)xCoMMaNDeRZx212/27/2012
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