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So the patch is out....anyone who got a Badass rank reset previously... (Archived)
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Can I farm the warrior w/ someone? (Archived)A3QU1TAS312/13/2012
Best Patch Ever!!!!! (Archived)Millkdudz212/13/2012
A new method of powerleveling? (Archived)Hyndron412/13/2012
Things you are looking forward to in Borderlands 3 (Archived)Magnificent_11312/13/2012
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Anything higher than a 71% elemental resistance? (Archived)
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new patch was supposed to fix badass ranks? (Archived)Yochodo112/13/2012
anyone else's CC show itself in the zoom when you run? (Archived)beautifuldreams1012/13/2012
Can you offline system link / split screen and still do flesh stick? (Archived)BirthOfDeoxys17212/13/2012
Have you ever seen someone get trolled online? (Archived)Feds950312/13/2012
Losing skins and heads a common problem with the new patch? (Archived)shadow_kan0312/13/2012
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Next DLC - info inside (Archived)SoulAssassinnn812/13/2012
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How do I find the treasure room (Archived)larconiousone99312/13/2012
Has the patch fixed the overloaded bank glitch? (Archived)8luedevil412/13/2012
lost some helms an the halloween skins (Archived)pureevilpanda112/13/2012
how long does it take (Archived)AHaras412/13/2012