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LF Lower level Legendaries (Less than 40-50) And Siren Skins/heads (Archived)
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Breach Seraphim (Archived)ganjafrog212/21/2012
Am I foolish for playing as a healing type Siren for solo play? (Archived)Laylow12712/21/2012
need a favour (Archived)jordoneus121712/21/2012
Anyone have a low-level afterburner relic that they could give me? (Archived)gOwCoD4312/21/2012
LF: Thunderball Fists and Shock Infinity (Archived)RenegadeRiot212/21/2012
Favorite Maya Build/Skills? (Archived)NoName539212/21/2012
LF: Legendary ARs & Snipers (Archived)ganjafrog512/21/2012
Ok, I'll bite...why won't somebody give killbot a fibber? (Archived)
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Anyone doing a TVHM? (Archived)Josh_Uchiha512/21/2012
I think I'm going to wait on BL3. (Archived)FindmeElseweyr412/21/2012
Is there a maximum BA stat boost? (Archived)
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Surely we have to draw a line somewhere. (Archived)
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which is the correct Fibber everyone is looking for? (Archived)bladedhollow1012/21/2012
LF: Level 60...... (Archived)BayouJoe212/21/2012
Is there a place to find locations for legendary weapons? (Archived)sammogard312/21/2012
new expansion plans (Archived)rainbowdragon92112/21/2012
Lf the B**** (Archived)Vipmastermind412/21/2012
Two questions (Archived)EyeOweU1112/21/2012
Confused. Electrocute weapons suppose to do more damage to shield enemies? (Archived)
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