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So does the Fibber work on Hyperius? (Archived)MrImpatient35412/16/2012
It's like Christmas LVL 50 Loot GIveaway (shotgun/smg/rifle/pistol edition) (Archived)CiderMcBrandy312/16/2012
So did they balance the DLC around the bee or nerf the bee? (Archived)nilla1511012/16/2012
Need help with my commando build! (Archived)bonemonkey80712/16/2012
About Mal, can I farm or is it just a one time thing per playthrough? (Archived)Yochodo412/16/2012
So how am I suppose to beat these bosses in single player? (Archived)aarondarkk1012/16/2012
What's your favorite thing about Fibber? (Archived)killbot357312/16/2012
I need a baby maker and allegiance relic (Archived)shotgunweilder712/16/2012
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Looking for the fibber (Archived)redsox39412/16/2012
do you only get one shot at the fibber per play through? (Archived)Mtpgamer512/16/2012
How do I reset my badass stuff to get more? (Archived)Assassin_X_Geth312/16/2012
Badass Tokens.....+99 after update. (Archived)Stealth6984312/16/2012
One thing I noticed about Jack... (Spoilers) (Archived)Aceofblades2k2112/16/2012
Warrior Drop rates are BS (Archived)RnSaga412/16/2012
is this game going to die anytime soon? (Archived)
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LF Shock/Fire Shredifier & Axton Skins (Archived)shadow_kan0312/16/2012
Best co op team? (Archived)
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