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All things considered, is the DLC worth it? (Archived)
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Anyone know what the "Light" Prefix on a Dahl SMG stands for? (Archived)BigSai29412/16/2012
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Jump "Pull" Glitch - newly discovered? - video proof! (Archived)Unpure_Euphoria612/16/2012
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Vault haunter Relic matters *SoloPlay* (Archived)NinjamanXXXX212/16/2012
Fibber? Not worth it if you have an Infinity Pistol. (Archived)
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My God, FOUR lvl 50 longbows in an hour. (Archived)johnnycubsfan412/16/2012
Any kind souls willing to level me my Zerker from 12-25? (Archived)slacker3222412/16/2012
Anyone need anything? (Archived)
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Have a lvl 50 thurmobaric longbow to trade (Archived)
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Whats a good fibber? (Archived)Frumpy88712/16/2012
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BA rank just reset again, I though this was fixed? (Archived)
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where are my keys and badass rank tokens? (Archived)xRDWGx212/16/2012
86% Resis. Evolution Shield! (Archived)R08801012/16/2012
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