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I'm looking for a powerful pistol. (Archived)
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Whats the reason for the one time situations? (Archived)lightomen1512/18/2012
What do you do when you lose all skins, heads, badass points, and golden keys? (Archived)minimang123912/18/2012
LF: Plasma Caster and Double Harold (Archived)mp1514712/18/2012
Guns That Use 2+ Ammo Per Shot Instead Of One (Archived)James1281012/18/2012
If Gearbox has to give us dlc today, are you mad the season pass is a ripoff? (Archived)Pengo 2812/18/2012
Suddenly my mission levels drop from 50 to 38? (Archived)thebubbasmith812/18/2012
Favorite Skin with Siren Head "Metal Fear"? (Archived)A3QU1TAS712/18/2012
Copies (Archived)SearchmanV16212/18/2012
im gonna be really bummed if my first orange is from the Torgue vendor (Archived)
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Farming for FIbber (Archived)
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The most powerful gun in the game is...... (Archived)
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Lf Redundant Fibber online now (Archived)BlackS2000612/18/2012
Anyone got a spare bee shield lying around? (Archived)darth_rosco112/18/2012
LF Space Knight, it's just wrecking me, how unlucky we've been. (Archived)Starthur912/18/2012
A Gaige/ fibber question (Archived)cyclonis_73312/18/2012
DERP DERP redundant fibber (Archived)xBallyhoox312/18/2012
LF Infinity pistol (Archived)aznfire31212/18/2012
I'm locked out of my raid bosses. Any help? (Archived)iwish712/18/2012
Need some stuff? (Archived)AliTheArab312/18/2012
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