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do you have to farm legendaries from specific enemies or will they drop randomly (Archived)
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need some skins an heads any one wanna help (Archived)pureevilpanda112/13/2012
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Skipped the patch. Now I freeze in the Treasure Room. (Archived)dueric612/13/2012
Little bit of math for farming that Fibber (Archived)StormWolf12612/13/2012
What's the game's worst legendary? I nominate the gunerang. (Archived)
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Anyone feel like leveling my unused characters to the mid 20's? (Archived)slacker3222412/13/2012
"Miscellaneous balance tweaks" (Archived)Ketchupism112/13/2012
Hammer Buster and why I hate McNally (Archived)
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did the mal quest got the ...wrong fibber cant kill him anymore? (Archived)zeroc00l68312/13/2012
Eff it I'm out. Please if you agree with this do the same. (Archived)
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So, where can I get a redundant fibber? (Archived)penguinfrommars812/13/2012
Hmm. One undiscovered challenge in Caustic Caverns. (Archived)Evil Squall712/13/2012
After killing the warrior (Archived)danktank621412/13/2012
Did the patch fix the enemies not showing up during slaughterhouse missions? (Archived)Dark Blade 13812/13/2012
LF lvl 50 Law & Order (Archived)punk91288412/13/2012
True vault hunter (Archived)danktank621312/13/2012
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Juat got both DLC.... (Archived)your other dad sayz812/13/2012