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Can anyone give or maybe trade a level 50 CC...(I need closure!) (Archived)rebelscum666312/4/2012
potential bumper sticker (Archived)
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I wonder if there's going to be Xmas skins..... (Archived)StaticPenguin912/4/2012
You can now fight raid bosses (Archived)VaricoseVeins112/4/2012
Halloween skins (Archived)8luedevil112/4/2012
I think i screwed up (spoilers) (Archived)MourningWould412/4/2012
Would anyone want to dupe me the Bee and Conference Call? (Archived)suerobcoxnet612/4/2012
LF Terramorphous class mods (Archived)8luedevil112/4/2012
Infinity drop from heaven (Archived)
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so the 3 new dlc raid bosses are pretty much impossible to beat alone (spoiler) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
total dlc? (Archived)DConPrime612/4/2012
wow the most useless relic in the game (Archived)
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Anybody looking to kill Pete for the first time? (Archived)BoxCarKid412/4/2012
looking for serious players (Archived)Godzerker612/4/2012
Tips for a newbie? (Archived)
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jimmy jenkins (Archived)DoctorSmith112/4/2012
LF Slag and/or Shock Conference Call - Will Trade (Archived)Ringlercorp212/4/2012
e-tech / legendary guide (Archived)
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Would I like this if I didn't really like Borderlands 1? (Archived)
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trade homing meteor shower for longbow ms (Archived)Xcavvv212/4/2012
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