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Giving away all Commando heads. (Archived)Fire_Ninja98411/29/2012
LF Fleshstick power-leveling, i can trade a large amount of legendaries. (Archived)ReclusivHearts9211/29/2012
Lyuda sniper/rubi pistol/volcano/plasma caster (Archived)nightx2001111/29/2012
Pete The Invincible. (Archived)Oritsu111/29/2012
anyone care to powerlevel me 1-30 zero (Archived)Gamer25u411/29/2012
Why won't the sarcastic slab appear? (Archived)Mumble_711/29/2012
I'll dupe for you? (Archived)GuyYouWannaBe611/29/2012
LF skullsmasher (Archived)mhfreek511/29/2012
LF: Cobra,Skullmasher,full set of elemental infinity pistols. (Archived)
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I will do anything for a full set of Infinities!!!! Plenty to offer in return. (Archived)
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Im about to kill hyperious, join? (Archived)VaricoseVeins111/29/2012
Pete, Hyperius, or Gee? Maybe, all three? (Archived)NefariousSpawn511/29/2012
Legendaries? (Archived)dmize31287311/29/2012
Lf corrosive or fire conference call (Archived)justenvv311/29/2012
Need help with Hyperius, on now. (Archived)BoogieBorg911/29/2012
Is "Challenge Accepted" glitched? >_> (Archived)
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thursday night flesh-stick session (Archived)
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LF: Maya's Maliwan Grace, FT: Lots of stuff, mid level Legendary Siren (Archived)Zero1303211/29/2012
LF: 2 Guns FT: Many Oranges (Archived)shadow592111/29/2012
Looking for some very specific items :) Have lots to offer (Archived)Azrael02061011/29/2012