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So I just got hit with the ba/skin/head reset.. (Archived)TheLoneThief211/24/2012
woo finally beat pete the invincable (Archived)Max58201211/24/2012
I have various types of E Tech snipes and other guns for trade (Archived)wutsthatsmell211/24/2012
So am I gonna freeze? (Archived)longnuts611/24/2012
Pun-cheese and sponge shield, what do they do? (Archived)KURockChalk411/24/2012
I got all slow hand shotty's in every element, hit me up for trade (Archived)wutsthatsmell411/24/2012
LF power leveling for siren, will give a few legendarys in return. (Archived)wutsthatsmell111/24/2012
Did anyone else notice(and this may just be me reaching a bit)**Spoilers** (Archived)drake_skull111/24/2012
Level 50 legendary give away!!!! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Fabled Tortoise (Archived)sniperhit411/24/2012
LF lvl 50 Feral Verucs and Seraphims (Archived)xtabascomanx811/24/2012
LF incendiary scorpio (Archived)SolidStryder311/24/2012
LF someone to host a private match for me... (Archived)6LORDofDEATH9I511/24/2012
Lf 30/30 protection relic (Archived)KURockChalk211/24/2012
I just shamelessly white knighted a video game character. *minor splz* (Archived)ItsHundreth311/24/2012
Bit of a modding question (might repost on PC board). (Archived)mu695211/24/2012
Need help with master gee normal mode (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
LF: Flesh stick levelling. (Archived)Macho Takaka311/24/2012
gotta love gearbox for taking a jab at fanboys.... (Archived)StaticPenguin711/24/2012
i need help to kill master gee (Archived)daoomph311/24/2012
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