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FT Cobra, LF - (see inside) (Archived)Sir Slurpee611/25/2012
Captain Scarlett loot... (Archived)slarpy411/25/2012
Torgue Expansion (Archived)77Balmung77411/25/2012
This can't be just coincidence... [Jimmy Jenkins] (Archived)GunkoGunko311/25/2012
LF Slag Baby Maker Level 50 (Archived)dcguy_28111/25/2012
LF someone to flleshstick a Gunzerker from 35 to 50. (Archived)SC00B323111/25/2012
Why IS She Sking me Again? (Archived)MusuoJoe711/25/2012
Just bought the 2nd DLC. Where do i go to access it or start it? (Archived)Dillon360411/25/2012
Claptrap (story) questions *spoilers* (Archived)CNFiX311/25/2012
black weapon and black bee shield for LvL 50 grounded fabled tortoise (Archived)
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LF Lv.50 Nukem FT 4 Orange items of your choice (from my list) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
*!!!!***Spoiler about dlc quest***!!!!!!*!*!*!*!* (Archived)Jhnthezed211/25/2012
any dupers have elemental shreddifier they can spare. (Archived)your other dad sayz1011/25/2012
Anyone have the bee shield for trade? (Archived)DISTURBED876411/25/2012
Fun Weapons? (Archived)
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I seriously HATE these Invincible bastards. >.< (Archived)
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LF a few things (Archived)ellisd420511/25/2012
need help killing hyperius! (Archived)FUSION81111/25/2012
''Aint Got Time To Bleed'' Shield Give Away Is Here! (Archived)
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Going to the Casino, anyone wanna join? (Archived)olan231111/25/2012
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