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Finally got enough! (Archived)
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need 3 to take on Hyperius the invincible. (Archived)Scorpion122178411/22/2012
A good gunzerker legendary class mod build? (Archived)davinthegreat98411/22/2012
So is there a new class or something? (Archived)Reagga211/22/2012
willing to give loot and cash for help (Archived)smokefeindflynn111/22/2012
Can I even complete this mission now? (Torgue DLC, slight spoilers) (Archived)MrImpatient35411/22/2012
LF people to duplicate my stuff for in return for stuff i dont have (Archived)6LORDofDEATH9I211/22/2012
Best way to solo Terremorphous with Gunzerker (Archived)
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Can anybody help me with the tier 3 race in the DLC? (Archived)pissbo411/22/2012
Loot at the end of Torgue DLC (Spoilers) (Archived)sar8421611/22/2012
New weapons (Archived)youngunner2123511/22/2012
anyone wanna down pete ? (Archived)evilvideogamer211/22/2012
LF Legendary Siren Class Mod (Archived)mikeabartlett111/22/2012
Who's killed Piston's metal T-Rex? (Archived)
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I need help in Teir 3 Battle: Appetite for Destruction (Archived)TheY2AProblem311/22/2012
Grounded Shields? (Archived)IAmDJNinjaStar211/22/2012
Trading (Archived)biglittleman12111/22/2012
I found an awesome E-tech! (Archived)Falloutgenuis211/22/2012
LF practicable CC (Archived)jordoneus121211/22/2012
LOL @ Borderlands attempts at "races" (Archived)JimiMorrison1871011/22/2012
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