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I'm willing to bet I'm the best BL2 player ever... (Archived)
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LOST ALL GEAR!!! :( Can someone help me?!? (Archived)
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Did Gearbox adjust legendary drop rates with new Torgue DLC? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Help with torque dlc *SPOILERS* (Archived)sinful_sloth411/23/2012
LF Verm heads and Legendary Class Mods (Archived)Abzorbr411/23/2012
Looking for the new seraphs from Carnage DLC. tading any Oranges seraphs, heads. (Archived)Nopo15411/23/2012
@ Pete the Invincible (Archived)
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Loot? (Archived)Judeas411/22/2012
who is a better leader? spoiler (Archived)augerrya3111/22/2012
Anyone got the Axton Verm head? (Archived)
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Looking for Moxxi's heart breaker shotgun and blockhead shotgun lvl 20-25 (Archived)nightx2001111/22/2012
who wants to farm the moxxi magazines? (Archived)kik3mike511/22/2012
Verm Class Mods (Archived)Abzorbr511/22/2012
So has anyone found out how to get the Cobra? (Archived)
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Anyone willing to fleshstick a few levels for my assassin? I will give... (Archived)VOLCOM333111/22/2012
I Have All Legendarys.... (Archived)
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Can I replay the game as much as i want with 1 character? (Archived)Dillon360911/22/2012
Conference Call? :) (Archived)dvon27411/22/2012
I might have the worst luck ever (Archived)chriscook71611/22/2012
Tier 3 rematch: bar room blitz &****** spoiler******* (Archived)Jhnthezed311/22/2012
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