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Anybody want free heads and skins? (Archived)
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To All the Power Levellers Out There (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
If you have Kawaii Killer... (Archived)SVT_Mike111/20/2012
IGN Review-Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage -9.2/10 (Archived)RealWicked511/20/2012
about last nights flesh sticking (Archived)OLD_MAN_GAMER711/20/2012
LF Mechro legendary mod (Archived)Grizzablo311/20/2012
The arena battles level to you in PT1?? (Archived)Evil Squall111/20/2012
Anyone want my scalable slo-hand? (Archived)KURockChalk411/20/2012
anyone want to help me power level? (Archived)staycool7989311/20/2012
I'm downloading the DLC, Anyone want to play. (Archived)Oritsu111/20/2012
New DLC any good? (Archived)
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What happens when you finish a quest that gives you item and your pack is full? (Archived)Dark Blade 13511/20/2012
JEEEEEEENKIIIIINS! i r looking for ya (Archived)Dj_Silk714511/20/2012
Borderlands 2: (Archived)dxb020100111/20/2012
What do we have to do to get a trading/duping board? (Archived)Aadrian1234111/20/2012
when playing with a team and you pick up ammo your full on... (Archived)lazy_titan911/20/2012
sort of a newbie question (Archived)Sharp_Cheddah411/20/2012
no new level cap? (Archived)zDarkStar22411/20/2012
LF: hide of terra morpheus and +Sniper/Smg Dmg Relic (Archived)SeikenPaladin711/20/2012
Mater gee impossible (Archived)psychosis1702311/20/2012
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