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Looking for germ class mods and heads (Archived)LuckyMRow13311/17/2012
LF soldier/siren heads from bunker/terra/verm - tons of legendaries i can trade (Archived)Hypocrisy420511/17/2012
Anyone wana farm verm? (Archived)arenoso611/16/2012
Leviathan treasure room exploit Fixed ?? Or.. (Archived)elp5000611/16/2012
Anyone farming Terramorphous or the Warrior? (Archived)The D0CT0R111/16/2012
just beat the game and TVHM... (Archived)macrisser211/16/2012
You know what this game doesn't have enough of? Explosions. (Archived)
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This board needs more Conference Call topics (Archived)illbzo1511/16/2012
LF: Metal Blood/Space Knight heads, 94% The Sham and Black Hole shields. (Archived)Shirase311/16/2012
LF: E-tech Bandit Assault Rifle (Archived)VaultBoyX711/16/2012
Sure do wish there was a +movement speed relic (Archived)StormWolf12111/16/2012
Vermi Farming? (Archived)Falloutgenuis311/16/2012
LF New& Improved or Royal Fire Deliverance (Archived)Gooseymayne211/16/2012
If anyone has a high level pointman mod... (Archived)syricxbox75511/16/2012
Looking for power level - can return favour. (Archived)charon78au511/16/2012
Who wants to play? (Archived)Falloutgenuis511/16/2012
Insight needed on fast forward? (Archived)MosebysRangers511/16/2012
So I finally tried playing online..... (Archived)Cyber Akuma Zero411/16/2012
LF: Boatmurderer, Black Widow, Spider Bite. Stuff to trade. (Archived)soulgeyser511/16/2012
Looking for Good Loot (Archived)arikado777211/16/2012
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