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Southern shelf enemies are lvl50?!?! (Archived)
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LF Lvl 50 Striker and Thunderball Fists (Archived)ExSalico911/10/2012
Looking for a little help please (Archived)wvufaninsc511/10/2012
Have Dapper Gent Looking for Raz0r Head (Archived)Aurelian84211/10/2012
have few skins/head to GIVE (Archived)OLD_MAN_GAMER211/10/2012
TVHM question (Archived)SunCeFan411/10/2012
Instead of asking for something I will show what I have. (Archived)mikezero831011/10/2012
Man, Halo 4 and Assassin's Creed 3 made me realize this game needs more (Archived)Phoenixmon21011/10/2012
Anyone need help? (Archived)RedPhaeton411/10/2012
conference call (Archived)nappynonsense91311/10/2012
Every Head/Skin for lvl 30-40+ Gear (Archived)xGenocidest911/10/2012
Would people be interested in a user created forum? (Archived)Wandyman511/10/2012
Free Mechromancer heads (Archived)Botan-KOF1011/10/2012
LF Level 1 CC And Bee Shield willing to Power Level 1-50 (Archived)WILLYBOII699911/10/2012
LF 3 things.... i got lots to trade! (Archived)Jxbox123411/10/2012
LF Sledge's Shotgun (Archived)Kronos923111/10/2012
GameFaqs should make a board just for people who want to dupe or receive guns (Archived)TombStoneChucky1011/10/2012
Looking for Lvl 30-40 Guns/Relics/Class Mods (Archived)
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LF Don't Be Blue (mechro), Bandit Blood and Rust (Siren) (Archived)Sister211/10/2012
LF lvl 50 black hole (Archived)
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