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Looking for level 50 conference call and or legendary siren mod (Archived)xabiman27911/10/2012
Can Vermivorous spawn solo? (Archived)
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Challenge for someone... (Archived)Nintgmr00611/10/2012
What kind a homing granade is coolest? (Archived)
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LF Infinity or Baby-Maker (Dupe) (Archived)ExSalico311/10/2012
Need infinity pistol!! Looking for dupe, or will trade for my Conferece, Bee (Archived)DominusVII511/10/2012
LF Conference Call or Lyuda (White Death) (Archived)ExSalico311/10/2012
anybody else notice? (Archived)Bonezy_B111/10/2012
looking for corrosive plasma caster (Archived)liljoker30211/10/2012
Moonshot farming is a life saver (Archived)
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I made a song using a sample of Handsome Jack (Archived)fngrs17211/10/2012
LF legendery stuff for maya... or rare (Archived)kjoinne211/10/2012
Anybody use those quick charge Tediore shields? (Archived)iwish711/10/2012
LF Shock/Fire/Slag x7 Conference Call (Have tons of legendarys to trade) (Archived)xXEPiC4LiFeXx511/10/2012
LF Two Siren Skins (Archived)Mikeg08111/10/2012
So who wants to marathon the superbosses with me? (Archived)oskman888611/10/2012
Looking Level 50 cc. Have Mechro SoT, lvl 50 etech, lvl 50 bee (Archived)gobantobi111/10/2012
Lf Lvl 50 nor fleet (Archived)I_AeRoDyNaMicS411/10/2012
Trading legendaries for a lvl 50 conference call (Archived)br0wnb34rd211/10/2012
baby maker vs teidor etech.....input would be awesome (Archived)
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