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Can we just talk about the game? (Archived)
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Anyone else think Maliwan is sorta crappy? (Archived)
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Trading: FABLED TORTOISE (Archived)cullen1803711/4/2012
Looking to kill master gee. (Archived)capt_soldier311/4/2012
Legendary MOD for Mecromancer and Assassin (Archived)Bubba_Zann3tti511/4/2012
Best way to clear the Grenade challenges? (Archived)Nanis23811/4/2012
Warrior (Archived)andro036211/4/2012
Do any of Axton's skills help explosive nova shields? (Archived)iwish311/4/2012
Will someone power level my Gunzerker? (Archived)heretic9009311/4/2012
Looking for fire and caustic conference calls-will trade for no element or shock (Archived)redws411/4/2012
Shared orange items in Claptrap's stash (Archived)Lahar311/4/2012
Decepti0n glitch? (Archived)Falloutgenuis211/4/2012
DuPlication reward (Archived)NBKUNDEAD211/4/2012
Multiple characters one profile (Archived)bhalli95711/4/2012
Anyone else notice that you can see Terramorphous from the Bunker? (Archived)ShuyinVsTidus711/4/2012
They nerfed the bee? (Archived)Finixsoft611/4/2012
Plz help. need lvl 50 CC. farmed warrior for hours no luck (Archived)
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May someone help power level one of my characters to 50? (Archived)shadow838290311/4/2012
still looking to get master gee. (Archived)LORD_HOGAN811/4/2012
do you have to farm specific bosses for legendaries ? (Archived)Mtpgamer311/4/2012
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