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Was Jack ever mentioned in the first game? (Archived)liveman789511/4/2012
Have dapper gent for axton (Archived)wils1gamefreak311/4/2012
LF Commando Class Mods (Archived)KnightxCloud411/4/2012
legendary class mod zero sniper thx (Archived)matthewmims411/4/2012
my god i thought sarah silverman did the voice of tiny tina (Archived)
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Looking for Baby maker (Archived)redws111/4/2012
Willing To Trade (Or Dupe) Legendaries For CC (Archived)Yoshdad64811/4/2012
LF Heads: have about 40 heads and many rares to trade for the ones I need (Archived)Horsecalledwar7411/4/2012
Ending question *spoilers* (Archived)KiLLaJaSin26211/4/2012
Duping G'slauncher for boosting (Archived)D4RKVO1D134211/4/2012
Looking for my Gunzerker to be flesh stick to 50 currently at 30 (Archived)DIECASTC00K211/4/2012
The Looter's Guide - Torgue Weaponry (Archived)
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Can the CC/Maggie be found in the Treasure Room? (Archived)Coop14211/4/2012
Can anyone help me with donkey mong? (Archived)MFH2_Legend88911/4/2012
Leviathan's Lair Glitch (Archived)SoulAssassinnn511/4/2012
What is the rarest head? (Archived)Coop14411/4/2012
Hyperious help... (Archived)amonamarth75211/4/2012
Question about dlc treasure (Archived)JayGood259Oz211/4/2012
favorite quotes (Archived)
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Why make a boss that requires co-op and then destroy the online community (Archived)
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