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LF Sham and Cohesive Longbow (Archived)digital_sleeper111/3/2012
Lf legendary commando mod (Archived)Ickpoo2611/3/2012
Does coop improve drop rates of legendaries or just the quality of the stats? (Archived)Tearlock511/3/2012
LF- unkempt harold lvl 50 and sham 94% absorb chance lvl 50 (Archived)
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LF Relics DAHL, VLADOF, GUNZERKER purple mods (Archived)Macdaddyruss1111/3/2012
legendary mechromancer mod? (Archived)ASHK1307211/3/2012
Does anyone have special edition heads and skins? (Archived)thebluelephant111/3/2012
LF melee relic, spider bite (Archived)yodin211/3/2012
hunting hyperius, need 2 more (Archived)Quinn_747311/3/2012
Trading Legends for Relics DAHL, VLADOF, GUNZERKER purple mods (Archived)Macdaddyruss1311/3/2012
hyperius the invincible, looking for group (Archived)bobjesbusiii711/3/2012
What's the best Maya tree to focus on? (Archived)liveman789611/3/2012
how do you farm Varkids to get bad asses? (Archived)AlimNassor411/3/2012
LF pre lv50 siren legendary mod have lots of orange guns (Archived)GTRs4LIFE211/3/2012
LF lvl 50 tediore relic (Archived)dizny13211/3/2012
LF: Snowblind, Space Knight, Black Ops skins(Commando) (Archived)DragoonKainFan411/3/2012
LF 3 Mechromancer Heads, Will Trade Any Legendary (Archived)DivineJustice05611/3/2012
Is graveyard.sav still around? (Archived)
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LF Veruc and other guns (Archived)DarkBruce85211/3/2012
Tired of killing the same old targets to have them laugh and not drop items (Archived)RHCP725911/3/2012
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