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Musings about the purpose of Graveyard.sav (potential for spoilers) (Archived)
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Is it possible to be a "Carrier" of the badass mode? (Archived)Aadrian1234810/30/2012
Rarest Skins/Heads for all characters? (Archived)Dan2102110/30/2012
Would like a level 50 Conference Call. (Archived)Goretongue310/30/2012
LF: Rosy and riveting mechro skin also maggie (Archived)Nelorox110/30/2012
Willing to trade for Spider Bite, Black Widow, and/or Boatmurderer (Archived)soulgeyser310/30/2012
LF: Kiss of Death and Highest: Roid Love Thumper, Melee BloodiedNinja. See list! (Archived)giantqtipz510/30/2012
Does the shield always suck on a bee? (Archived)DarkJaydragon610/30/2012
I just beat the game, what can I expect from True Vault Hunter Mode? (Archived)
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