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Hyperius has about 90million health (Archived)StormWolf12411/2/2012
Question re: class specific achievements (Archived)ktownslayer16311/2/2012
Is Whiskey Tango Foxtrot very rare? (Archived)rodman870911/2/2012
LF Vault burst and Pretty and pink skins for siren (Archived)Abyssmire311/2/2012
LF 2.5 Flesh-stick leveling (Archived)ch3w12511/2/2012
It's about time I gave back. (Archived)
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Season Pass compatibility with other profiles... (Archived)kennyslaya1011/2/2012
Badass points, skins, keys resetting.... (Archived)Cyber Akuma Zero111/2/2012
I Got the Flu... Graveyard.sav caused it I think. LF chicken soup (Archived)Acelion55611/2/2012
I need a Corrosive Conference Call! Can anybody help? (Archived)Hulk1812411/2/2012
LF lvl 50 Law and Order Xbox (Archived)DJS926811/2/2012
LF legendary siren class mod (Archived)widvir311/2/2012
What's up with this game invisible walls...?(Spoilers for endgame) (Archived)Nanis23111/2/2012
Vermivorous (Archived)kjoinne311/2/2012
Trading Eridium (Archived)Crabpatty311/2/2012
What's a better sniper than the Skullmasher? (Archived)
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I'll Give You Conference Call & BEE For A Little Grind ON Flesh.. (Archived)s2good411/2/2012
Can I get some quick powerlevelling please? (Archived)Pembja141011/2/2012
my friend just got a corrosive conference call from a slot machine... (Archived)Blaziken12211/2/2012
Building up inventory for give away (Archived)
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