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Trading for Maggie (Archived)Revok616510/26/2012
LF: lvl 50 Tortoise Shield & lvl 50 Teeth of Terramorphous (Archived)Wandyman410/26/2012
Seraphim Weapons (Archived)doughboy84110/26/2012
So Gearbox is advertising the schedule for the Twitter keys... (Archived)GameGuy777210/26/2012
Anyone have (Archived)Chrissause2012110/26/2012
Anybody know how to mod weapons? (Archived)BryceZA110/26/2012
Bunch of stuff (Alkaline, Conference, Heads etc) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Looking for heads and skins! (Archived)LeilaStar110/26/2012
Capture the Flags glitch (Archived)Neku_Sanada110/26/2012
Side Quests (and Possibly Challenges) (Archived)beefteriyaki110/26/2012
please hook me up with bastardly maggie level 50? (Archived)dcguy_28110/26/2012
The sham does create some win-win situations >.< (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Where do I turn in a quest late game? (Spoilers) (Archived)DarthLampe310/26/2012
Need a legendary Hunter Mod offering Tediore relic (Archived)dabsac310/26/2012
Can someone please give me all the siren skins? (Archived)Pembja14710/26/2012
Looking for a lv50 Conference call (Archived)branlord210/26/2012
Legendaries, legendaries everywhere! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Looking for fire element baby maker smg. (Archived)heartless92345610/26/2012
Looking for Legendary class mods and heads will trade (Archived)jgakid410/26/2012
Anyone willing to help me level and/or get past a few missions? Lvl 46 (Archived)oogieboogiefan1710/26/2012
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