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LF Shock BabyMaker and Tediore Relic (Archived)Guff_Daddy710/19/2012
I have tediore relic! (Archived)xPROxRusher310/19/2012
Offering Conference Call and The Bee for ... (Archived)Sonny777110/19/2012
So about all these characters getting deleted because of the DLC... (Archived)
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Need a purple or better class mod and relic for my Commando Lvl 38 (Archived)heretic9009110/19/2012
Better stuff (Archived)cruizen48110/19/2012
LF: Corrosive Nasty Surprise Level 50 Grenade and Evolution Shield (Archived)Ashes1200110/19/2012
So what ITEMS have we gotten from this DLC? (Archived)davinthegreat98210/19/2012
Im looking for Skins and 1 siren head (Archived)killagundam110/19/2012
LF Commando Skins / Mechro Skins (Archived)karma4you96110/19/2012
Zer0: Sniping or Melee? (Archived)wha7leven710/19/2012
im giving away heads(that sounds dirty) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Is there any way to power level after Flesh Stick? (Archived)MrImpatient35110/19/2012
power leveling (Archived)gangoplush310/19/2012
LF: A level 20 Tediore Pistol (Archived)Bnkai4tailLuffy510/19/2012
New Shift Code, Having a Problem Though (Archived)Dark_Ike610/19/2012
LF Flame baby maker & Purple Tediore Relic (Archived)dirtypillowz510/19/2012
Lf gunzerker dlc head, can trade other 4 dlc heads, and much more! List inside! (Archived)Julius_Mcfoo310/19/2012
WIll Dupe Legendaries for Lvl 50 baby maker! (Archived)agrumpygrunt110/19/2012
uhh how do i get into king slab's building? (Archived)moogythejork710/19/2012
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