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Can someone power level me 40-50? (Archived)ny_mets_2009_05510/17/2012
Just got to Sanctuary anyone want to play? (lvl 9-10) (Archived)Ruzz9410/17/2012
LF lvl 50 Corrosive CC (x5 or x7) (Archived)Zegma310510/17/2012
LF: LVL 50 Assault Rifles FT: Everything (Archived)cooguymatt510/17/2012
anyone up for helping me power level? (Archived)thor02510/17/2012
solo'ing some green level quests and getting my ass handed to me... (Archived)
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Anyone interested in a lv50 Dandy Volcano? LF other legendaries (Archived)Quinton_Carter110/17/2012
I just got kicked for being Lvl150, Thing is im not. What gives? (Archived)euklb610/17/2012
LF- Lvl 50 Relics and a few others FT- Lots (Archived)MegaBeast07310/17/2012
LF:Lvl 50 Shock CCx7 Shock Shredifier FT: Bunch of legendary some heads (Archived)TheGhost808910/17/2012
Anybody want to trade a Zer0 DLC head for a Mechro one? (Archived)flipmode_1110/17/2012
I Need help will be well paid!! (Archived)Rixowned210/17/2012
new raid boss item drops- silly crystals? (Archived)OLD_MAN_GAMER110/17/2012
What is the holdup/ Is someone in the bathroom?/Are you on the phone? (Archived)SIvIart_USMC210/17/2012
How many UNUSED Badass Tokens do you have? (Archived)
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Who is naturally a better soldier, Roland or Axton? (Archived)Mixorz910/17/2012
The hypocrisy on this board is hilarious (Archived)
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LF: Legendary Beserker Mod FT: Lots (Archived)Dan2102910/17/2012
Need help with Hyperius (Archived)Nightz110/17/2012
Any help with Terra? (Archived)
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