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Looking for level 20 - 25 CC? Have lots of legendaries (Archived)viperlordxx710/17/2012
Freeze Patch (Archived)Nynjah710/17/2012
DLC Quest question (possible spoilers) (Archived)HaloFan3000110/17/2012
Lost Lost Treasure? (DLC spoilers) (Archived)PSO CheZi210/17/2012
Cap'n Blade's Rapier (Archived)cjjohnston110/17/2012
Don't know if it works every time, but I defeated Master Gee via glitch (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Any body want the xxx mechro head that terra drops for the boat murder head (Archived)P0K0K0510/17/2012
dlc worth getting? (Archived)desperado707810/17/2012
Trouble with golden key (Archived)XWhiteWolfX12310/17/2012
LF> 5788 x7 conference (NO ELE) (Archived)XxxXDeadRunXxxX910/17/2012
need 2.5 flesh stuck plvl.. (Archived)keenanchilds310/17/2012
Is it supposed to be like this? (Archived)MrImpatient35310/17/2012
Only glitches I have seen so far (Archived)mcintyrefootbal810/17/2012
Any new quests with optional objectives in the new DLC? (Archived)Serial Rain510/17/2012
How do you feel about skiffs? (Poll)DocOdine510/17/2012
Lvl 50 Elemental Veruc (Archived)BrilloPadKilla110/17/2012
How would you feel about adding new manufacturers as DLC? (Poll)fruya610/17/2012
LF - Oranges FT - Bananas (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
LF: Legendary Siren FT: A few oranges. (Archived)ImpartialDuck210/17/2012
Is it me, or are Gaige's gamechangers not very impactful? (Archived)Morter710/17/2012
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